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Senate minority leader Olalere Oyewumni allegedly 'admits engaging in vote buying in 2023 election

Senate minority leader Olalere Oyewumni has allegedly admitted to engaging in vote buying in the 2023 election.

Olalere made the alleged confession in a video trending online.

The Osun federal lawmaker while receiving defectors into PDP, said “I tried all the tricks I knew to win at Onilu House (Ile Onilu) polling unit but these people didn’t allow me. He reportedly said;

“After exhausting money for the election, I gave my personal money to Ten-Ten to give to people at night to buy votes on the eve of the election, Ten-Ten came back with my money, saying the people rejected it. I was surprised.

“That was why I reached out to these people because I cannot be a Senator and continue to fail there. I was the one who called Ayandosu from Abuja to join me in the PDP. I told him he has talent and that the party he was serving then (APC) would not allow him to grow.”



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