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FG advises Nigerians travelling to UAE on new visa regime

The Federal Government has advised Nigerians travelling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to be guided by the new visa regime in the country.

The government made this known in a statement issued Thursday night by the Spokesperson, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Francisca Omayuli.

According to the statement, it was important for Nigerian travellers to UAE to have first-hand knowledge of the new visa regime.

Nigerians detained in Dubai

This was a result of the viral video where Nigerians are denied entry by the officials of the Middle Eastern country.

The statement read: “The attention of the Federal Government of Nigeria has been drawn to a video on the social media, showing purportedly stranded Nigerians, who arrived at the Airport in Dubai, UAE on 29th August, 2022, but were denied entry into the country, despite having valid visas.

“The Nigerian Mission in Dubai has clarified that most of the supposedly stranded Nigerians were issued with family visas, only to arrive Dubai alone without any family member.

“Consequently, they were denied entry and advised to return to their country and apply for the appropriate visas.

“However, those persons allowed entry into the country have their family members in the UAE. While those who claimed their family members were on another flight, were told to wait at the airport, pending their arrival.

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“The general public is invited to note and be guided that the Government of the UAE has introduced a new visa regime and has stopped issuing tourist visas to persons under the age of 40 years, except for those applying for family visas.”

Also, the government further said it was enlightening for potential visa applicants to clearly specify their visa preferences without any ambiguity.

The government also called on Nigerians to respect the immigration laws of other countries so as to avoid undeserved actions.

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God help Nigeria

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