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His Secret Obsession, how to easily win a mans heart

Finding love in the pandemic can feel hopeless, especially for those who find themselves settling for fleeting, unsatisfying romances. That's why relationship experts are recommending a dating strategy to take charge of your love life: hardballing.

Hardballing, also called "dating with intention," encourages people to be upfront about their romantic goals from the very first interaction. If you're looking for a serious relationship, say it on the first date. If you're not looking to have kids, express that early on. The point is to be straightforward.

"Most of us are afraid to be honest about what we want," says Susan Winter, a relationship expert and author of "Breakup Triage." "Oftentimes, people want a serious, long-term relationship or marriage, but don't want to sound needy or desperate."

in this world there are so many options and it can be quite overwhelming so if you are dating with intent then this will require certain things from you so that you can be on that path to attract a man with same mindset, so here are some things that i think should be considered if you are dating with intention okay number one what are your non-negotiables be serious about your future right because being serious about your future it's not wise to entertain people that you know are not what you desire, okay the other day i went out i had fun and i met this guy i did not end up giving him my number okay i just if you know me personally you know i'm very selective with whom i give my number to okay and i left and it felt good to just have fun and leave it there okay i knew that meeting that individual that he wasn't for me so instead of trying to make something work or see where something goes like your intuition is telling you it's not a wise idea so little things like that matter because sometimes we like sticking with the devil that we know okay and i'm telling you it's not wise recognizing things in people that you've dealt with in the past, i think compromises are things that you know can be worked on anger issues are simply not one of them okay it's more superficial things now number three romanticize your own life, treat yourself how you want someone else to treat you

Experts say hardballing can help singles find the right relationship without wasting time. But how do you do it without "scaring" someone away?

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