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Smart NFC Business Card

Smart Business Cards Will Be The Most Popular Networking Tool In 2022

You will no longer need the traditional business card to tell and remind people of who you are. Just swipe your exclusive smart card near any smartphone and your information will be transferred directly into their phone in less than a second without any applications. iCARD is the first identification card that is based on the latest AI / IoT technology which is designed to enhance your experience of exchanging your contact and business information easy

- Smart radio frequency Developed Chip that works with IOS and Android.
- On-time integration between the smart card and the online portal.
- PVC waterproof card plastic material.
- Printed two sides with any organization/company brand.
- No special apps required.
- Free lifetime account on Contact Cloud Network portal.
- Secured cloud certification.
- Track the card feature if needed.
- Ability to deactivate the card remotely in real-time.
- Ability to change the card content remotely in real-time
For more info: https://lnkd.in/d6eigY-w

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Smart Business Card

Introducing 360 Smart Business Cards

Revolutionizing The Process Of Sharing Business Cards

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